Frog Shield is:

• Anti-Wetting – Frog Shield super-hydrophobic coating keeps objects dry as liquids simply roll off a coated surface.
• Anti-Icing – The super-hydrophobic properties of Frog Shield keeps coated materials completely dry, eliminating the formation of ice.
• Self-Cleaning – Frog Shield repels dirty water and oils, When dust, dirt or other contaminates accumulate on a Super-hydrophobic coated surface, a light rain or spray of water eliminates the contaminate. Its that simple!

Frog Shield Works Great In:

• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Commercial Buildings
• Shopping Malls
• Banks
• Theme Parks
• Apartments
• Convention Centers
• Hospitals
• Stadiums
• Private Homes, among others

Frog Shield


Nano Lab, Inc. is a North American nanotechnology development and manufacturing company founded in 2004.

We believe in manufacturing eco-friendly high performance products and distributing them wholesale at the world lowest prices. Since all of our technology is owed and manufactured in house we have accomplished low prices and a uninterrupted supply chain of material for our global clients.

Under our Frog Shield moniker we offer a "Hybrid" Super-Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Non-Porous Surface Cleaner and Protectant and a water-based any light activated nano photocatalyst TiO2 technology. We also have the GreenCleanz product line of water-based Na2SiO3 water glass coating for concrete, slate, brick, block, tiles and stone

The worlds first optically clear non-toxic, water-based Super-Hydrophobic one step spray coating. Should be available for sale on the open market late summer 2013.

Nano Lab, Inc. offers private label agreements, factory partnerships, custom packaging and product order fulfillment. Our professional customer service representatives are available between 8am to 4pm (GMT-4) weekdays or by e-mail 24 hours a day. We pride ourselves on providing old fashioned customer service so contact us for product purchase or development requests.